For Speed Communication's Terms and Policies
Forspeed - 198 Account Lane Hastings, Pa 16646 

Due to recent outcry about adult material accessible through the Internet, the following disclaimer must be read and signed before registration is complete. 

For Speed Communications will not be held accountable for the content of the Internet. The Internet is an international network for computer and the information accessible on this network is beyond the abilities of For Speed Communications to control. Most World Wide Web browser programs have the ability to limit the user from accessing material above certain rating ceilings. It is not the responsibility of For Speed Communications to configure the browser of users to restrict material of an offensive nature from being available to minors. This responsibility lies with the parents or guardians of minor users. 

I understand the above disclaimer and do not hold For Speed Communications liable for the information accessible on any Internet server computer. 

I understand that I must notify For Speed Communications Billing Department (814-948-6034) if I decide to discontinue using For Speed Communications Internet Service.  Until notification is given, charges will continue to accrue, and I will be liable for those charges and for any fees incurred to collect my overdue balance.  This will include fees for registered letters, collection agencies and magistrate charges. 

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User name and password are required to be from 3-12 characters (lower case letters and numbers only - No Spaces). The user name becomes your e-mail address (ie: 

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