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Getting signed up to For Speed Communication is as easy as calling 948-5698, or you may go to Prasko’s Accounting Firm, 198 Account Lane, Hastings, PA  16646.  Phone: 814-948-6034.  E-mail will not be set up until New User Registration is returned with the initial payment.  For Speed Billing Department hours are:  Tues-Fri, 9AM-4PM

          Only $12.99 per month

Unlimited Internet Access

No Setup Fee

Free Friendly and Informative Tech Support

E-mail with Free Customer configurable Virus and Spam Mail filtering

Free Wireless Email Service Receive email on your Cell Phone, PDA or Pager

        Free Web Space for personal web page

     High Speed Dialup - Click Here for info.
      (Plus all of the above)

    Only 17.99 per month or     

     Pay in advance and Save 

     6 months $100 ($16.67)
     1 Year $180.00 ($15.00)

    High Speed Dialup
    Answer Your Phone while online.  
         (Plus all of the above)  

     Only 20.00 per month or     

     Pay in advance and Save 

     6 months $100 ($16.67)
     1 Year $180.00 ($15.00)

Call 948-5698 or 1-877-252-0741

You will have access to the Internet as soon as you talk to Tech Support and decide on a user name and password. We do this for you in good faith without an initial payment. It will take a few days for your e-mail to be set up. 

One of our services is to provide Virus and SPAM protection for your e-mail and we are charged for that protection as soon as your e-mail is set up. Therefore it is necessary that we have the signed 'New User Registration' and initial payment first.

We thank you ahead of time for your patience and prompt response when you receive your new user packet. 

If you wish to have your e-mail set up sooner, you may print a 'New User Registration' yourself, from the home page, and send it with your payment. Your wait will not be as long, if we do not
have to depend on 'Snail Mail' both ways.

Thank you for your patronage.

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