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  Payment Methods

Check - Please make checks payable to For Speed Communications.  

mail to:
For Speed Communications
198 Account Lane
Hastings PA 16646

Cash - Cash payments may be made at:
Shirley Prasko’s Accounting Office

Paypal - Click Here to pay by Paypal

Billing Department - 948-6034  or billing@forspeed.com 


ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH.  You will be given coupons to send with your payments.  Statements will only be mailed if an account is past due.  If statements are requested, a $1.00 service charge will be applied.  An e-mail reminder will be sent to you if requested, by e-mailing Tech Support at support@forspeed.com

Note:  The billing period is from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.  New users signing up during the month will be charged a reduced rate, depending on the date.              Be aware that you are paying one month in advance for access to our system.  Payments are due on the first of each month.  Accounts that are delinquent for 10 days will be automatically suspended by the system, until they are brought up to date by the posting of a payment.  Any who are repeatedly disconnected due to nonpayment will be charged a $10.00 reconnect fee.  Delinquent accounts will receive notification by certified letter and a $10.00 service charge.  These accounts will be handed over to a collection agency if necessary.  Save yourself trouble and money by making your payment on time.

 Payment Method:

            Check or Money Order - Please make checks or money orders
payable to: For Speed Communication
Mail to:  For Speed Communications
               198 Account Lane
               Hastings  PA  16646

            Cash -  Cash payments, checks or money orders may be taken to:

                         Prasko’s Accounting Firm at the same address.  Monday - Friday:  8:00 AM --  4:00 PM.  Closed all Major                Holidays.  Phone: 814-948-6034 

            PayPal - available on line.  Go to home page at forspeed.com or call Tech Support at 814-948-5698 for more  information, 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. daily.  (PayPal customers are not required to use coupons.)                       

            Several different SERVICE PLAN OPTIONS are offered.  Payments for Multiple Months or Yearly             prepayment is available.  NOTE: Under No conditions are payments refundable.  Returned checks will be             subject to a $35.00 additional charge to that month’s bill

**PLEASE NOTE:  You must notify For Speed Communications Billing Department (814-948-6034) 30 days in advance if you decide to discontinue using For Speed Communications Internet Service.  Until notification is given, charges will continue to accrue, and  you will be liable for those charges and any fees incurred to collect any overdue balances.  This will include fees for certified letters, collection agencies and magistrate charges.

For Speed Communications prohibits any type of mass mailing (SPAM).  Any user who violates this rule will be subject to cancellation and charges incurred.

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