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 For Speed Communications is an Internet access 
gateway offering dial-up PPP (point-to-point) and dedicated Fiber Optic Internet connection to northern Cambria county. The purpose of this service is to provide our subscribers with high-speed, reliable, local access to the Internet and e-mail. We feature a maximum dial-up speed of 56 Kbps plus now you have the option of using Web Accelerator and surf 5X faster. We also have  residential and business ISDN dial-up connections

Technical Specifications

Access Numbers:
Northern Cambria - 948-5123
For Nationwide Access Numbers call Tech Support 
948-5698 or Toll Free 1-877-252-0741

Web Server: www.forspeed.com

Mail Server: mail.forspeed.com

FTP Server: ftp.forspeed.com





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